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Banbury Cross 70 - 80 Hen Egg Hatcher/Incubator 48HT

Please note that this machine only comes with the hatching baskets and you hand turn the eggs on the hatching baskets. You can buy roller trays to make it semi-automatic for an extra cost.
£282.00 *

R-COM Bird Pavilion Small Parrot Brooder ICU Unit

R-COM Bird Pavilion Parrot Brooder ICU Unit

R Com Bird/ Parrot Brooder


£480.00 *

SALE Banbury Cross 192 Egg Hatcher 140HT MK1

Banbury Cross 192 Egg Hatcher

£449.00 *

Banbury Cross 366 Hatcher 245HT MK1

336 Hatcher hen, poultry eggs Manual turning (245HT)
£711.00 *


R Com King Suro Eco version - without turning cradle

£97.98 *

R COM Pet Brooder Small

R COM Small pet brooder

£439.00 *
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