Caldo Bello Maino Heat Unit 1

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Product overview:

Cutting Edge Infra Red Technology incorporated into the Caldo-Bello Range, makes for an efficient, safe, effective brooding solution for your chicks. Thermostatically controlled, this heat lamp is only on when needed, providing an ideal heater for your chicks.

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Key Features:
  • RA Halogen Heat Lamp - Ran for over 8000 hours in our test (300 days) without breakage or malfunction
  • Mode of operation...The body irradiated by the light of the CaldoBello is saturated with infra red warmth which via the blood circulation, the heat then spreads to all parts of the body, even those that are in shadow!
  • Infra Red Rays - Only the chicks are warmed . Everything else is unaffected by the light from this special infrared heater, such as water, food, cage, etc. They are always cool.
  • Thermostat - reduces electricity consumption
  • 24 month manufacturers guarantee
  • EU approved and certificated for electrical safety, and build standard


  • Power Consumption : 250 watts max
  • 230volt (+/- 10%) 50Hz
    Dimension Incubator
    Width 29
    Depth 38
    Height 17
    Weight 2.5kg
Incubator \ Egg Size Quail/Grey Partridge Pheasant/ Bantam/ Guinea Fowl Hen/ Duck/ Black Turkey Goose/ Peacock/ White Turkey
Caldo Bello 180-200 80-90 70-80 50-70
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