Caldo Bello Maino Heat Unit 3

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Thermostatic 500 watt Infra Red Heat Lamp, suitable for up to 120 chicks

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New 500 watt Caldo Bello CB3 Infra Ray Heater

Heat Source for multiple applications!

Extra power when needed for extra warmth

Will brood up to 120 hen chicks. 

  • Thermostatical Control. Efficient! Saves Electric! Traditional infra red brooder are on 24/7. This cuts off when its warm enough.
  • Heating functions with a special RA infrared rays halogen lamp that is very small, long-lasting and that has a low profile reflecting baffle.
  • Using short-wave infra red radiation, the heat enters directly inside the irradiated body. 
  • Includes thermostat to control temperature.
  • Thermostat also reduces FIRE risk.
  • No breakage by water spray disinfection in radiating conditions. Ideal for any livestock.
  • Extra Long Bulb life... I run 4 Caldo Bello CB1's, and 2 seasons later I haven't had to replace the bulb.
  • You will require an additional light source for best results from this brooder.
  • Once you have one of these you won't want a conventional heat lamp again!!!
  • 1.5m Cable
  • Has two hanging points to contect too (you will need a chain or similar method of hanging)
  • Dimensions - Length -40cm * Depth - 28cm * 13cm Height


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