R COM Maru 500 standard Incubator

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R COM Maru 500 standard incubator

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The R Com Maru 500 incubator holds capacities of approx 480 hen eggs/ 1100 partridge or quail eggs.
Egg Turning method: Slide.

[ Main Function ]

* Auto temperature & humidity control and set function more simplified control unit
(easy maintenance and repair)
* Auto egg turning & turning interval set function
* Automatic turning set up and turning period function (1h, 2h, 3h)
* Egg turning ON/OFF function per each egg placing plate
* FND display for easy recognition of incubation state
* Artificial intelligence electronic control system applied from Rcom utmost technology
* High reliability temperature and humidity sensor applied produced by Sensirion, Swiss
* Transparent double insulated view window
* Sliding Air-vent able to control the air in the chamber
* Minimized temperature variation applied from Rcom optimum air flow technology
* Water heating system for evaporation eliminating bacteria
* Water level sensing & warning system about overall water condition
* Superb high density foam board for maintaining stable temperature & maximizing energy efficiency
* The safety device of the humidification-unit is attached on the Thermostat


[ Useful Function ]

* Degree C / degree F interchangeable
* Inbuilt humidifying system
* Warning & display function of abnormal temperature caused by ambient temperature fluctuation
* Incubation data memory and alarm function in case of power cut
* Equipped Water nipple in front for handy water supply
* Universal Tray sliding system for easy egg storage
* All angel egg turning available by tray carrier
* Hatching chamber equipped
* Egg turning stop on opening window
* Universal Tray and AL divider for adjusting according to egg size
* Aluminum profiles used for durability and easy assembly
* Maintenance cover for easy cleaning and maintenance after hatching



* Universal egg basket and ABS Divider are separately on sale

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