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Reptile Incubation

The ultimate Reptile Incubators the R-COM Juragon Pro Features:-



Main Functions:-


  • Automatic mode for easy us with beginner
  • Automatic Temperature setting and control
  • Automatic Humidity setting and control
  • Manual setting Mode for other reptiles incubat
  • Real-time incubation condition indicating on LCD
  • Celus. And Fahar. Interchangeable
  • D-day count for hatching date  
  • Alarm Function

Easy Functions:-

  • Easy recognition with large view-window
  • Alarm for water supplement ( Humidity Control )
  • Large sized LCD DISPLAY
  • Incubation information indication
  • Micro chip with optimum incubation conditions according to species of reptiles, for incubation beginner
  • Indication for easy animation graphic for various kinds of functions
  • Disassembling of lower body for easy cleaning
  • Dual Structured incubation container included
  • Daily Temperature gap option Setting function   









Safety Functions:-

  • Sensor for the opening of view-window
  • Automatic movement stop of circulation fan for safety and electric device on the upper main body for safety
  • BLDC Fan for decreasing temperature deflection
  • Safety function for circulation fan movement
  • Self-examination function for machine abnormal
  •  Easy locking device of main body ( Disassemble of  lower part and upper part )
  •  Incubation data saving function under a stoppage of power supply 



  •  Power                                  AC 100V~120V, 50/60Hz / AC 220V-240V, 50/60Hz
  •  Temp. Limits                      20C~42C ( 68F~107,6F )
  •  Temp. Accuracy                 +/- 0,5C
  •  Working Temperature       20C~25C ( 68F~77F )
  •  Humidity Limits                 40%~95%  ( It can be changed according to the conditions )
  •  Humidity Accuracy           +/- 5%
  •  Power Consumption          Average 60W
  •  Capacity                             10~120 eggs available at once
  •  Size                                    500 x 410 x 160 ( mm )
  • Fuse Standard                    250V 2.0A





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