Banbury Cross 504 Analogue Hatcher

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Egg Capacity
Hen or Duck 504 Eggs
Duck/Turkey 336 Eggs
Pheasent or Pharaon 560 Eggs
Quails 1176 Eggs
Trays are universal. All quantities are approximate.

h x b x l cm: 126 x 77 x 98

El Supply:
220-240 Volt 50-60 Hz
200 Watt 1.6 kW / 24 hours

Banbury Cross Incubators Features

Low Energy usage - Approx Daily running cost - 16p a day
Fully Insulated, including double galzed clear door
Danish high quality design
Easy to Clean
All fan assisted
Machines have been tested against commercial incubators, with simular performance
Comes with Full set of hatching baskets
Even air-flow with side buffles for the larger incubators
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